Township Transparency

Meetings of Township Trustees

“Regular monthly meetings of the township trustees are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 7 PM at the Collinsville Township Senior Center located at 420 East Main Street. Meetings are open to the public and conform to the Illinois Open Meetings Act [5 ILCS 120].”

Township Meeting Minutes:

Past Recordings Of Township Meeting

Tuesday January 10th Regular Town Meeting Notice And Agenda:

Next Township Meeting:
Tuesday February 21, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.
420 E. Main Street Collinsville, IL 62234

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Regular January 10th, 2022 Meeting of the Township Trustees

Below is a printable monthly meetings of the
township trustees schedule For 2023:

Freedom Of Information

Collinsville Township complies fully with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act [5 ILCS 140] in providing access to public records and documents. The Township Clerk is the primary FOIA Officer, however, we have three department specific FOIA Officers to assist in handling requests in an efficient and timely manner.

Contact information is as follows:

James W Achenbach, Township Clerk

Pam Mumper, Township Assessor’s Office

Jennifer Keller, Township Road District

Below are links for FOIA and Official Request for Information.

Township Finances

“Collinsville Township operates on a fiscal year beginning April 1 and ending March 31. The annual budgets for the Supervisor’s Office, Assessor’s Office, and Senior Center are all part of the Collinsville Township budget. The Collinsville Township Road District operates autonomously and has its own Budget.”

Collinsville Township Budgets

Township Road District Notices

Annual Reports for Road and Bridge

Collinsville Township Road District Collective Bargaining Agreement

Notice of Prevailing Wage

Pesticide Permit

Township Notices

Collinsville Township By-Laws

Collinsville Township Sexual Harassment Ordinance

Collinsville Township Collective Bargaining Agreement

Collinsville Township Audit FY Ending March 31 2022